Tech jobs closing gender wage gap

Survey reveals Gen Z is fueling progress As a design major, you may find a job as a web designer or UI/UX designer. GETTY IMAGES High salaries for women mainly come from progressive tech hub cities like San Francisco, experts say. GETTY IMAGES Recent college graduates (or Generation Z) are making six figures in the technology industry and closing the sector’s long-held gender pay gap. That’s according to new data provided by the career monitoring website Comparably, which found that the average salary for [...]

Windows 8 Sky Drive

Windows 8: The five apps you should install first

Windows 8 Sky Drive One of the biggest attractions of Windows 8 is Microsoft’s effort to bridge the gap between consumer-focused touchscreen devices and business productivity systems. The Windows 8 operating system will run both so-called “legacy” applications on the traditional desktop and the new touch/mobile-friendly “Windows 8 style” (formerly) Metro apps available through the Windows Store. Windows RT, for ARM-based devices, runs only the new style apps. While many business users are likely to revert to the desktop applications for more sophisticated [...]

Windows 8

Much Rides on Windows 8

SEATTLE: Something extraordinary could happen later this week: Folks might start using Microsoft and “cool” in the same sentence again. CED Solutions provides training and certification for Windows 8 courses and Windows Server courses.  Windows personal computers, running Office programs, remain integral to the modern workplace. Yet Apple and Google routinely slam-dunk the world’s largest software company when it comes to pop-culture adulation. Little wonder investors on Wall Street have punished Microsoft — pushing shares up less than 11% in the past [...]

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Interest Builds for Windows 8

By Byron Acohido USA TODAY The software industry’s attention is riveted on Microsoft today. Software developers from around the world have convened at a conference, called Build, in Anaheim, Calif., where Microsoft will unveil details about Windows 8, the next version of its cash-cow PC operating system. Windows 8 is on course to replace Windows 7 roughly a year from now. This won’t be just another upgrade. Windows 8 is nothing less than the linchpin to Microsoft’s strategy for keeping Windows [...]

Windows 7 People Talking

Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Deployment Strategies

One of the toughest things about deployment in Windows 7 as well as Windows Server 2008(Pre-R2 or R2) is actually choosing what the best deployment strategy is for you. Microsoft included massive amounts of methods in which to deploy Windows with the newer versions that have been released within the last few years. The information below can help those wanting to better understand deployment for the real world as well as people looking to gain Microsoft Certifications such as the MCTS as [...]