Our Student Reviews Tell It All

We appreciate all of our students sending great reviews.

Here is a review received today:

“What I liked about the class was the plethora of training information and resources to aid the in-class and out of class instruction, especially having different methods and levels of teaching the material.
Our instructor made the material and class fun to learn. You can tell he is passionate about what he teaches. You can bet a dollar to a donut his sayings kept you engaged too!
CED is a highly reputable company and was the most willing to work with our military command, schedule and time frame. The choice was a no brainer.
CED Solutions hit all the markers for PenTest+ bootcamp and ensured you understood the material not only for the class, but to continue your cyber education outside of the class. Our instructor is an outstanding, knowledgeable and humble instructor who went above and beyond during our in-class instruction.”
Sinclair S.
September 15, 2023
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