The Sorry State Of Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Rules aren’t really rules if breaking them has no consequences.  In today’s dangerous cyberworld, corporations often say that cybersecurity is now a top priority for them, especially after all the massive data breaches we’ve been hearing about on a day-to-day basis. But one has to wonder, if that’s case, why are so few companies doing cybersecurity training properly? Sadly, the most common and detrimental thing that many companies are doing wrong when it comes to training employees on cybersecurity is a [...]

Military set for cyberwar on ISIS

GRAND FORKS AIR FORCE BASE, N.D. Military chiefs are prepared to give President-elect Donald Trump the options he wants to intensify the fight against the Islamic State, including the possibility of granting commanders greater leeway to use secret cyberwarfare and space weapons, the top Air Force leader said. (Getty image) “We’ve heard him loud and clear that he’s going to be looking for options,” Gen. David Goldfein, the Air Force chief of staff, told USA TODAY. Goldfein said the recommendations may [...]

Combatting Cyber-Attacks In The Oil And Gas Industry

Earlier this week, Yahoo that more than one billion user accounts were compromised and data stolen in a hack by an unauthorized third party in August 2013, in an incident “likely distinct” from the data breach the company disclosed this past September in which personal information of half a billion of its users was stolen. This data breach is evidence of the fact that hackers are growing bolder and getting increasingly creative. And while news of Yahoo or LinkedIn security breaches [...]

Live Virtual Class – IT Pro Certification – What Does It Look Like?

This is the view that the student has while attending a Live Virtual Class for IT Certifications.  The student can see the instructor, hear the instructor, see the instructor screen and white boards, and do the labs for the course online. The course includes Live instruction/interaction, Authorized courseware, practice exam, online labs, and the Certification Exam voucher to take the Exam at a local testing center at the end of the course. Click on image to view a short presentation [...]

How Hackers Make Money from DDoS CyberSecurity Attacks

Attacks like last Friday’s are often financially motivated. The attack on the internet domain directory Dyn, which took major sites like Twitter and Paypal offline, was historic in scale. But the motivation for the attack may seem opaque, since no valuable information seems to have been stolen. A group called New World Hackers is claiming credit, but giving conflicting accounts of their motives—and security experts have called them “impostors.” So why else might someone have done it? This class of hack, [...]