Global cybercrime costs will exceed $6T annually by 2021

A recent Cybersecurity Ventures report, sponsored by security firm Herjavec Group, also found global cybersecurity defense costs will exceed $1 trillion over the next five years. The cost of cybercrime around the globe will exceed $6 trillion annually by 2021 – more than double the annual cybercrime costs of 2015, according to a recent Cybersecurity Ventures report, sponsored by security firm Herjavec Group. These costs include data damage and destruction, stolen money, loss of productivity, intellectual property theft, personal or financial [...]

How to land a cybersecurity job – 5 tips for getting hired in this fast-growing, high-paying segment of the IT industry

Cybersecurity jobs are plentiful, from government, financial services and utilities to manufacturing and retail. But what skills do IT professionals need to qualify for these high-paying jobs? RELATED: IT certifications lead to jobs, higher pay  (CED Solutions is a leading provider of CyberSecurity training and Certifications – We asked the experts and came up with this list of five tips for landing a top-notch cybersecurity job: 1. Get certified. Security-related certifications are a prerequisite for most commercial cybersecurity jobs and all defense-related [...]

6 Emerging Cybersecurity Risks You Should Be Aware Of

Last Friday I had the privilege of moderating a panel of experts discussing emerging security risks. Besides me, the panel at the New York Cyber Security Summit included Logan Brown (president of Exodus Intelligence), Joseph Fiorella (senior infosec engineer at Intel Security), Roy Katmor (CEO of Ensilo), Tom Kellerman (chief cybersecurity officer at Trend Micro), Hanan Levin (VP of products at Illusive Networks), and Dr. Bernard Parsons (CEO of Becrypt). Here are six takeaways from the panel; they should provide valuable [...]

10 Best IT Certifications For 2016

With successful hacking attacks on many corporate and government systems and networks, CyberSecurity & Security training moves to the front in 2016.  With over 1MM IT Security jobs available now as a result, and IT Security salaries rising fast, IT Security is here to stay at the front of IT work. 1.  Certified Ethical Hacking/Computer Forensics/Security Analyst/Licensed Penetration Tester.  There are two kinds of organizations today, those that know they have been hacked, and those that don’t know they have [...]

Over 1MM IT Security Jobs Available – What Does It Take To Get One – Part 2

Over 1MM IT Security jobs are available to those having the skill sets to do them.  After gaining the knowledge that is offered in the A+/Network+/Security+ courses to include understanding all of the components of PCs, how the components interact with each other and the Operating System, understanding Network communications with DNS, SubNetting, Packets, and understanding all of the basic tenants of Security for IT, you are ready to move on to vendor specific solutions to networking. By far the [...]