The Sorry State Of Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Rules aren’t really rules if breaking them has no consequences.  In today’s dangerous cyberworld, corporations often say that cybersecurity is now a top priority for them, especially after all the massive data breaches we’ve been hearing about on a day-to-day basis. But one has to wonder, if that’s case, why are so few companies doing cybersecurity training properly? Sadly, the most common and detrimental thing that many companies are doing wrong when it comes to training employees on cybersecurity is a [...]

Military set for cyberwar on ISIS

GRAND FORKS AIR FORCE BASE, N.D. Military chiefs are prepared to give President-elect Donald Trump the options he wants to intensify the fight against the Islamic State, including the possibility of granting commanders greater leeway to use secret cyberwarfare and space weapons, the top Air Force leader said. (Getty image) “We’ve heard him loud and clear that he’s going to be looking for options,” Gen. David Goldfein, the Air Force chief of staff, told USA TODAY. Goldfein said the recommendations may [...]

Global cybercrime costs will exceed $6T annually by 2021

A recent Cybersecurity Ventures report, sponsored by security firm Herjavec Group, also found global cybersecurity defense costs will exceed $1 trillion over the next five years. The cost of cybercrime around the globe will exceed $6 trillion annually by 2021 – more than double the annual cybercrime costs of 2015, according to a recent Cybersecurity Ventures report, sponsored by security firm Herjavec Group. These costs include data damage and destruction, stolen money, loss of productivity, intellectual property theft, personal or financial [...]

How to land a cybersecurity job – 5 tips for getting hired in this fast-growing, high-paying segment of the IT industry

Cybersecurity jobs are plentiful, from government, financial services and utilities to manufacturing and retail. But what skills do IT professionals need to qualify for these high-paying jobs? RELATED: IT certifications lead to jobs, higher pay  (CED Solutions is a leading provider of CyberSecurity training and Certifications – We asked the experts and came up with this list of five tips for landing a top-notch cybersecurity job: 1. Get certified. Security-related certifications are a prerequisite for most commercial cybersecurity jobs and all defense-related [...]

Security Manual Reveals The OPSEC Advise ISIS Gives To Recruits

Policemen guard streets near the Bataclan concert venue, where gunmen killed at least 80 people at the end of a string of attacks across Paris the night before, Nov. 14, 2015. As the death toll rose to 127 with many more wounded and Paris reeled from the violence, President Francois Hollande directly blamed the attacks on the Islamic State group. (Dmitry Kostyukov/The New York Times) In the wake of the Paris attacks, US government officials have been vocal in their [...]