Training Opportunities with CED Solutions, LLC

[singlepic id=60 w=320 h=240 float=right] We are looking for outstanding instructors who have a demonstrated history of teaching expertise in many areas including Healthcare, GIS, VMWare, Unified Communications, Dynamics CRM, Disaster Recovery, Storage, Programming and many more. Let us know of your abilities and your availability to teach. You must be certified in the courses you teach and possess the Vendor teaching certification as well. Call CED Solutions at (800) 611-1840 or email [email protected] Thank you!


Microsoft & Cisco Free Training Vouchers

[singlepic id=66 w=320 h=240 float=right]CED Solutions – providing the best learning experience for computer training! Most large corporations and government entities have Microsoft licences for desktop computer use, and have purchased routers and switches, devices, firewalls, etc from Cisco. Microsoft provides free training vouchers, called SATV’s, for use by corporations and government entities who have purchased licenses for operating systems, applications, etc for use by the organization. These free training vouchers are held by someone in the company and can be [...]

IT students at CED Solutions

IT Certification Financing Available Now

As the credit market has dried up over the last few months, it has been increasingly more difficult to obtain financing for needed certifications. Two sources are available today for financing of the most desired computer certifications. Sallie Mae Financing has announced continued financing support to CED Solutions for their students. The CED Solutions’ students have been exemplary in their repayment history and Sallie Mae will continue to offer financing for Boot Camps and other courses. CED Solutions announced their own [...]

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AVOTEC Certification Program with CED Solutions

Computer Training with CED Solutions – one of the largest providers of computer training in North America The US Army currently has a pilot program that just started on March 1st to fund a certification for Army Active Duty Service Members. You may take the Microsoft MCSA, the Cisco CCNA, or the CompTIA Security+/Network+ certifications through this program. The courses are online and include live instructor-led training, course materials, practice exams, and the required certification exams. Army AVOTEC program This program has very [...]