Microsoft & Cisco Free Training Vouchers

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Most large corporations and government entities have Microsoft licences for desktop computer use, and have purchased routers and switches, devices, firewalls, etc from Cisco.

Microsoft provides free training vouchers, called SATV’s, for use by corporations and government entities who have purchased licenses for operating systems, applications, etc for use by the organization. These free training vouchers are held by someone in the company and can be used for free training. These SATV vouchers can be used for Microsoft training.

Likewise Cisco has Cisco Learning Credits that have been provided at no charge along with the purchase of Cisco equipment. These vouchers can likewise be used for Cisco training classes.

Contact the holder of your free training vouchers to see if you can use them to attend courses. The Microsoft SATV vouchers are valid for one day of training and cannot be used for airfare and lodging expenses. The Cisco Learning Credits are valid for $100 in cash each and likewise cannot be used for airfare or lodging.

If you wish to attend a 16-day Microsoft course, you would use 16 vouchers.

If you wish to attend a $2,995 Cisco course, you would use 30 vouchers.

CED Solutions is honored to offer training for the Armed Forces of the United States and is proud to provide reduced-cost training to military service members.

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