Microsoft Offering Free Exams to Some High School and College Students

[singlepic id=871 w=320 h=240 float=right] CED Solutions – 10,000 students per year attending our trusted training! ARE YOU A STUDENT IN HIGH SCHOOL OR ARE YOU ATTENDING A COMMUNITY COLLEGE? You may be able to attend certification training and have all of your exams paid by Microsoft, reducing the price of your certification course! In an effort to infuse new entrants to IT training and certification Microsoft will be offering free exams to students for a limited time. Vouchers can be obtained through [...]

IT students at CED Solutions

IT Certification Financing Available Now

As the credit market has dried up over the last few months, it has been increasingly more difficult to obtain financing for needed certifications. Two sources are available today for financing of the most desired computer certifications. Sallie Mae Financing has announced continued financing support to CED Solutions for their students. The CED Solutions’ students have been exemplary in their repayment history and Sallie Mae will continue to offer financing for Boot Camps and other courses. CED Solutions announced their own [...]