Privacy Checks for Facebook and Google Users

Good Privacy checks for Google, Facebook users

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So much about you is collected, compiled, and sold to the highest bidder. Shady people finder and data broker sites make it their business to know as much about you as possible.

This data collection happens in the background, and there’s a lot you give away freely. For instance, everything you type into Google, YouTube, Gmail, Google Drive and all the rest.

I know it’s super convenient, but I bet you made a big mistake with your data.

The data sharing two-way street Let’s say a website makes you sign in to read an article. You’re presented with the option to create an account so you have access to the article. That takes time, but alas, you see it!

You can just sign in using your Facebook or Google account. No new account is needed – what a happy day.

You may not realize that the very moment when you signed in using your Facebook or Google account, you divulged more data tracking points. Everything you probably do at the site is sent back to Facebook or Google. That website may get data back from Facebook or Google too.

That’s why if you read an article about fine Italian wines, you immediately start seeing wine ads afterward.

Stop Facebook tracking you off Facebook Facebook is notorious for collecting a ton of data. Its Privacy Center is transparent – if you know how to navigate it.

To see the third-party apps and services you connected to Facebook over the years, follow these steps. It shouldn’t take longer than 30 seconds to find the complete list and kick out anything you choose.

On your computer:

• Log in, then click the downward arrow in the top right corner.

• Click Settings & Privacy > Select- Settings.

• Click Apps and Websites in the left side menu. If you don’t see it, choose Security and Login, then Apps and Websites.

On an iPhone:

• Open the Facebook app and tap the three-line menu in the lower right corner.

• Select Settings & Privacy > Settings.

• Scroll down to the Permissions section, then tap Apps and Websites.

On an Android device:

• Open the Facebook app, then tap the three-line menu.

• Select Settings & Privacy > Settings.

• Scroll down to Security, then tap Apps and Websites.

• Select Logged in with Facebook .

Once you see the apps and websites connected to Facebook, you can start cutting them off one by one. Remove anything you don’t want to have your data and track you.

Getting out of Google’s grasp. Next, let’s head to Google and track down the connected services. You may find that a site you haven’t used in years is still getting updates on you.

• To start, visit the Linked accounts page while signed in to your Google Account.

Here you will see any accounts you signed up for using your Google account.

• If you want to remove access, tap or click Unlink.

Are some of the apps refusing to unlink? That’s not a fluke. Some third-party apps won’t let you disconnect from Google. You have to open the app itself and look through its settings. Look for a section that says Linked accounts, Connected accounts, or something similar.

The app you’re using should then allow you to disconnect. Just follow the on-screen instructions.

Next, check which apps and services have access to at least some part of your Google account. This may include your calendar, email inbox, accounts, or basic account information.

To check and remove access:

• Go to security.

• Under Third-party apps with account access, select Manage thirdparty access.

• Click an app or service to see what it can access. Click Remove Access if you so choose.

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