What, exactly, is cybersecurity? And why does it matter?

Cyberattacks steal data and cause millions in economic costs. Learn what cybersecurity professionals do and how to protect your data with our guide. Cybersecurity focuses on protecting electronic information on websites, networks, or devices from hackers. Through advanced technology and sophisticated processes, cybersecurity professionals help keep data safe and accessible. Tech security: The next challenges Security threats like malware, ransomware and hacking gangs are always evolving. This special report explains what you need to focus on next. Individuals and businesses alike face [...]


Worldwide CyberSecurity Shortage at 3.4 Million

APAC faces 2.1M shortage in cybersecurity professionals Asia-Pacific region sees greatest growth in cybersecurity workforce, but still struggles to fill a gap of more than 2.16 million with 60% of organisations reporting a significant shortage in security staff, according to a study released by ISC2. Written by Eileen Yu, Senior Contributing Editor on Oct. 25, 2022 Asia-Pacific has clocked the largest growth in cybersecurity workforce, but still faces a shortage exceeding 2.16 million. More than half of respondents in the region feel this gap [...]

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Hack the Hackers? Companies Itching To Go On Cyber Offense

Training Needed To Stop Hackers From Accessing Information Fatigued by a relentless onslaught from hackers, Corporate America is mulling a more aggressive and reactive approach to powerful cyber evildoers. Offensive counterstrikes are likely illegal in today’s murky legal structure, but some security professionals are calling for at least a more proactive stance that utilizes measures like disinformation campaigns, honey pots and intelligence gathering. All of this is aimed at squashing cyber attacks that can generate millions of dollars in damages and lost [...]

Leon Panetta

Cyber threat is Pre 9/11 moment

The United States must beef up its cyber defenses or suffer as it did on September 11, 2001 for failing to see the warning signs ahead of that devastating terrorist attack, the Secretary of Defense told a group of business leaders in New York Thursday night. Calling it a “pre-9/11 moment,” Leon Panetta said he is particularly worried about a significant escalation of attacks. In a speech aboard a decommissioned aircraft carrier, Panetta reminded the Business Executives for National Security about [...]

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Estonia brings in coding classes for its youngest schoolkids

Public schools in Estonia will soon have a curriculum for teaching web and mobile application development to students as early as their first year of school. According to an article published byUbuntuLife, the program begins this month with training for primary-school teachers. This will be followed by pilot programs. Eventually, the curriculum will be available to all public schools, with educational materials for all age levels. Although nationwide standards for teaching programming in elementary schools is ambitious, there’s no indication that [...]