FBI Director Robert Mueller

US Faces Increasing Threat Of Cyberattacks By Terrorists, Including On Battlefield, Officials Say

An eventual full-scale cyberattack on the U.S. by a terrorist organization is “a certitude,” a former senior intelligence official told Fox News, and “cyberterrorists” already are making criminal use of the technology to steal money and move it around to finance their operations. Tech-based terror threats are increasingly raising concerns in Washington, and FBI Director Robert Mueller testified this week that such threats are among the most serious facing the U.S. — including on the battlefield. CED Solutions provides security training [...]

Hackers Steal Michael Jackson Back Catalog

Hackers Steal Michael Jackson’s Entire Back Catalog

Michael Jackson’s entire back catalogue has been stolen by Internet hackers. Sony music suffered its second major security breach in a year, with thieves targeting songs and unreleased material by the singer. It’s alleged they downloaded more than 50,000 music files worth $253 million in the biggest ever cyberattack on a music company. CED Solutions provides security training and certification programs to secure networks including Windows 7, Windows 2008 Server, CISSP, Ethical Hacking, Computer Forensics, Security+, CASP, Cisco CCNA Security & [...]

NASA Martian Rover

Chinese hackers took over NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, Inspector General reveals

Chinese hackers gained control over NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in November, which could have allowed them delete sensitive files, add user accounts to mission-critical systems, upload hacking tools, and more — all at a central repository of U.S. space technology, according to a report released Wednesday afternoon by the Office of the Inspector General. That report revealed scant details of an ongoing investigation into the incident against the Pasadena, Calif., lab, noting only that cyberattacks against the JPL involved [...]


‘Anonymous’ Hackers Threatens US Power Grid, Official Warns

The director of the National Security Agency warned that the hacking could have the ability within the next year or two to bring about a limited power outage in the US through a cyber attack. CED Solutions provides security training and certification courses to protect networks including Windows 7, Windows 2008 R2 Server, Security+, CASP, CISSP, Ethical Hacking, Computer Forensics, Security Analyst, CCNA Security, CCNP Security, FIREWALL, ASA VPN, and more. Gen. Keith Alexander, the agency’s director, provided his assessment in [...]

Mike McConnell, former director of national intelligence

How Much Have Foreign Hackers Stolen?

Mike McConnell, a former director of national intelligence, and now vice chairman of Booz Allen Hamilton, said the volume of cybertheft is staggering. Hackers in China and Russia, security experts say, are habitually breaking into foreign travelers’ mobile devices, leapfrogging into their corporate networks and stealing sensitive government information and corporate trade secrets, often undetected. I explored this issue in an article in Saturday’s New York Times. But how much have they stolen? Nobody really knows. Most companies I spoke with [...]