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TechEd 2010 Exhibitor Web ButtonMicrosoft TechEd 2010’s Keynote Addresses and recorded presentations are available online now.

CED Solutions, LLC, was one of the exhibitors at the Conference and thousands of IT professionals had the opportunity to discuss training and certification on the latest Microsoft products and services. Training and certification is available now on MCITP: Windows 7 Administration; MCITP: Windows 2008 Server R2 Enterprise Administration; MCPD: .NET Framework 3.5 Developer; MCPD: .NET Framework 4.0 Developer (later this year); MCITP: Exchange 2010 Enterprise Messaging; MCITP: SQL Database Administrator and Database Developer; MCTS: SharePoint Administration and Developer; MCITP: SharePoint Developer (later this year), and many more.

Many good comments were made throughout the conference such as these by Andrew Brust:


“The news here is good. First of all, 2010 has been a great year for just about everyone I spoke to. The mood is positive, energy is high, and people are working really hard. This is, of course, refreshing to see, and it’s a huge relief. Add to that the fact that this year’s Tech Ed was about 2.5 times larger in headcount than last year’s (based on numbers from unofficial, but reliable, sources), and the economic prognosis seems excellent. But there’s more to it than that.

Here’s the thing: everyone I talked to seems to be working, and succeeding, at changing their business models to adapt to changes in the industry. Whether it’s the Internet’s impact on publishing and training, the increased importance of the developer audience in South Asia, the shift of affordable developer and business talent to unfamiliar locales abroad, or even lapses in Microsoft’s performance in the market, partner companies aren’t just rolling with the punches; they’re welcoming the changes and working them to their advantage. No one seemed downtrodden, or even fatigued. Even for businesses who have seen core revenue streams become commoditized, everyone seems to be changing their market strategy and winning. Even Microsoft, of whom I have been critical recently, showed signs of successful hard work and playbook change, in the maturing of their cloud strategy, their commitment to it and their excitement around it. And the embedded, managed, self-service BI strategy that Microsoft has been touting looks like it’s already being embraced by customers, even though PowerPivot, and other new Microsoft BI products, were released only recently.

The collective optimism I have witnessed, and that I have felt, tells me good things about this industry and the economy. The stock market had huge mood swings during my stay, and that may yet subdue the industry recovery I have seen this week. Nonetheless, I am convinced that a strong foundation of hard work, innovative thinking and, if I may, true renaissance is underlying this industry’s success.

That kind of strength will generate a strong recovery, I am certain, whether now or once we’re past another round of choppy weather in the broader economy. The fundamentals are good.”

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