Changes to Cisco Certification Requirements

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Cisco training and certification changes this year with additional requirements in the CCNA area. The CCNA certification is valid for 3 years and must be renewed prior to expiration. If the CCNA certification expires, the certification exam must be passed again. The CCNA certification may be renewed by passing at least one higher level exam before the expiration of the 3 year period.

The CCSP and CCVP certifications will now require, that in addition to having a CCNA before proceeding, an additional CCNA (Security) or CCNA (Voice) must be obtained also. The CCNA (Security) is necessary now (or the CCNA and SND course will suffice). The CCNA (Security) will be required after November 17th. The CCNA (Voice) is required after June 23rd of this year. A valid CCNA is required for the CCNA (Voice) course.

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