CED Solutions Student Makes Comment About Training

[singlepic id=313 w=320 h=240 float=right]I am Tom Hafemann, Information Systems and Technology Director for a School District in Wisconsin.  I have been with the school district for 7 years now.  Before that I worked entirely in the public sector as a Senior Systems Engineer for many years following my Naval career.

Mr. Rich Rodgers shared a little with me concerning the situation that you and some of your colleagues are in concerning the closing of some other computer educational company.  As I am down here right now to learn and certify on Windows 7, I asked Rich for the opportunity to contact you and share a bit of my experiences here at CED.  Rich also shared the incredible offer he extended to you and others concerning the cost.  Having worked with Rich for the past 8+ years, that is just the type of person he is!  It says something when you have a computer training company and your trainers and staff stay with you for 10+ years.  In a day where IT trainers are bouncing from job to job every 6-18 months, this should speak volumes.

I have been coming to CED every year since 2003 to either renew or upgrade my skills.  In 2003, I was beginning to feel the Windows certification pinch in the industry as a consultant and decided to pay for it myself because I thought it was that important.  I have gone to other computer training companies in the past.  Some are gone and some are still in Wisconsin, however, I come back to CED every year for a few reasons.

First, they are simply THAT GOOD!  There is a reason that they are the number one computer training company in North America.   I have had just about every instructor at CED at one time or another and I can vouch for all of them professionally and personally.  They know their stuff and how to communicate it effectively.  They are willing to do what it takes to not only help someone achieve certification status on a particular discipline, but they make sure you know what you are doing!

Second, because of what I said above, students achieve industry certification status.  That should be the goal for everyone who attends.  Whether it is Microsoft, Novell, Cisco, Linux, or another discipline, the end goal is the same.  It is to achieve a world recognized industry certification.  While going to tech school, college and university is fine and has it place, in the technology field, the only measure of knowledge that is worth anything are the industry certification.  As I have my BA from a fine accredited university, having the industry certifications from Microsoft, Novell, Cisco, etc., tells people that I really know something about particular technologies and can be a valuable access to any institution.

Third, CED offers accelerated learning.  Now, please understand this.  Accelerated learning in the IT field is like trying to drink water of out a fire hose.  IMHO, it isn’t for everyone.  Rich will have 5 things that he shares with people for them to be successful.  I have a few other things that I have observed of those who have successfully completed certifications.

a.  The person must be 100% dedicated to this process.  They must be someone who has integrity, be self motivated and willing to do what it takes no matter what!  There is a reason that this is called bootcamp!  Typically I would never have taken the time to write to you about this.  However, I just took a test today, I am breaking for dinner, and thought writing to you was important enough when Rich spoke with me this afternoon.  My typical day starts at 6 am.  I will eat breakfast, get a ride to school, study for a bit, school begins at 8am.  We are in class, with a lunch break until 5-6 pm.  I get a ride back to the hotel, eat dinner which is usually soup or something frozen, and study/practice until 2-3 am.  I repeat this process the entire time I am here.  No TV, no distractions..  There is a HUGE advantage in leaving Wisconsin to study.  I tried to take classes in the state but it doesn’t work.  Real life seems to get in the way.  Imagine trying to do Military bootcamp, commuting from home every day.

b.  The person starting out should have some IT knowledge or background coming into a bootcamp.  Many people who are new to the industry struggle.  However, if they are dedicated to what I said in (a.) they do just fine.

c.  Do not allow distractions!  This is why I leave for Atlanta.  Being here opposed to back home, it is difficult for those distractions to pull me away.  Also, while here, I keep the TV off, cell phone on silent, only have things I need to study.

d.  Expect this to completely wear you out!  Eat as best you can, rest when you can.  Know that when you are finished you will be well spent.  I share with people that while this isn’t the most physically demanding “bootcamp” I have had, it certainly is the most mentally draining.  In combination of the 4-5 hours of sleep per night, after 2-3 weeks, I am completely drained.

Finally, the reason I come to CED is the tremendous VALUE that CED offers.  Because CED has the volume of students they have, their costs are in line with the economy of scale.  The same classes, same bootcamp offered in Wisconsin by another vendor, are MORE EXPENSIVE that what CED charges.  Plus, with CED, they include Flight, hotel, and breakfast and lunch as part of the cost!  How can they do this, economy of scale.  Because their costs are pretty much fixed whether they have 1 or 20 people in a class, they know what it costs to run a class.  They know that their classes are going to be well attended because of the years of tremendous service and their outstanding reputation..  They are therefore able to adjust their costs lower than some other training companies might have when they expect 3-4 students in a class.  I have school board members ALL THE TIME asking why I go all the way to Atlanta.  Simple, it is cheaper (and better).

Bottom line, CED is worth you time and effort.  I will be coming here for years to come.

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