SharePoint 2010 Server Sites Ideal for Workplace Collaboration

SharePoint 2010 Server Sites Ideal for Workplace Collaboration

Parts of a SharePoint site

A site is a group of related Web pages where your organization can work on projects, conduct meetings, and share information. For example, your team might have its own site where it stores schedules, files, and procedural information. Your team site might be part of a large organizational portal site where departments such as Human Resources write and publish information and resources for the rest of the organization.

All SharePoint sites have common elements that you should know about to get started: lists, libraries, Web Parts, and views.

Lists A list is a Web site component where your organization can store, share, and manage information. For example, you can create a task list to track work assignments or track team events on a calendar. You can also conduct a survey or host discussions on a discussion board.

Libraries A library is a special type of list that stores files as well as information about files. You can control how files are viewed, tracked, managed, and created in libraries.

Views You can use views to see the items in a list or library that are most important to you or that best fit a purpose. For example, you can create a view of all the items in a list that apply to a specific department, or to highlight particular documents in a library. You can create multiple views of a list or library that people can select from. You can also use a Web Part to display a view of a list or library on a separate page of your site.

My Tasks View

Web Parts A Web Part is a modular unit of information that forms a basic building block of most pages on a site. If you have permission to edit pages on your site, you can use Web Parts to customize your site to display pictures and charts, portions of other Web pages, lists of documents, customized views of business data, and more.

Web Part

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