10 Ways to Get an IT Job in 2012

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  1. Certifications – The #1 way to obtain a job in IT is to have certifications. Corporations and governmental organizations want proof that you have knowledge of current operating systems and applications. That proof comes from certifications as it is very difficult to prove you know how to correctly use current systems otherwise. Human Resource employees are told to look for those certifications on resumes before considering an interview.  CED Solutions is the #1 location in North America for Microsoft Certifications with nearly 5,000 successful exams passed this year.
  2. Networking – Many employees are aware of job openings in their organization and can be a source of providing information about those jobs. They will be more than willing to discuss these opportunities as it will help their organization when these positions are filled. These employees may get bonuses or positive comments from supervisors for their help in filling open positions.
  3. Research – Find out what the job requires at a minimum and all of the related work that will be done in the position. Prepare other skills and knowledge necessary to learn the additional skills that will be required in the job. Find out what others have done to be successful and had similar positions currently or previously.
  4. Preparation – Prepare yourself with knowledge and skills to be able to correctly answer questions related to the position. Put together a little mini-LAN of a work station and server and work on many of the requirements of networking. If your job will involve programming, purchase books in the required language and work hard to develop your skillset in that language prior to interviews.
  5. Resume – Ensure that your resume reflects your strongest abilities prominently. If you have certifications, put those in a prominent position to quickly indicate you have knowledge of how to implement current systems. If you have been in the IT field previously in related work, indicate that near the top. If you have great educational accomplishments, put that near the top to instill confidence in the reviewer of your resume. Ensure that all words are correctly spelled, and all grammar is correct.
  6. Job Boards – Post your resume on IT job boards where potential employers can find you. If you have certifications it will be easy for potential employers to find you with the addition of the acronym in the search, such as “MCSE Philadelphia”. If you have an MCSE, and you are willing to work in Philadelphia, you will come to the top of the list.
  7. Opportunity – Read business and government publications about expansions of companies and governmental agencies. Newly expanded locations will need staffing at the new location to accomplish the required work. Companies who have successfully started with an IPO to create capital will now be looking to hire to get their products moving.
  8. Expand Your Skills – If you have been working in the Network Administration for Microsoft to implement, manage, and maintain desktop operating systems and server operating systems, expand your knowledge into the Cisco areas of routers and switches. Communications between locations will require routers and switches to properly provide data and voice ability outside of the local area network. CED Solutions provides the entire line of Cisco knowledge and certifications with CCENT, CCNA, CCDA, CCNP, CCNA Security, CCNP Security, CCNA Voice, CCNP Voice and beyond.
  9. Move Up From Your Current Job – Many higher paying and more challenging positions are available in your current organization for those who have the skillsets to do them. Treat each day of work as an opportunity to learn. Ask others how they accomplish aspects of their job each day and learn how to do them. Ask supervisors how they do certain functions each day to be able to assist when necessary.
  10. Jobs in the Middle East – Many large providers of contractors are looking for jobs to be filled in the Middle East. Some are in countries where military are stationed in a hostile environment, and many are not. There are many jobs available to support the efforts of our military, the pay is quite high and there are large tax breaks for earning income overseas.

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