Microsoft Windows 7 Touch Screen Starts New Era in Computing

[singlepic id=903 w=320 h=240 float=right]Microsoft’s new Windows 7 operating system for laptops and desktops offers touch screen ability with the vastly improved product over Vista.  Multitouch, the ability to cause response from touching the screen is included in Windows 7.  Software vendors are at work creating more ability in applications to use this ability for Windows 7 users.

You will need to have a touch-capable screen to use this ability which is available from most hardware vendors now.  Dell laptops with touch screen ability are around $100 higher than non-touch screens.

As users become more customed to using touch screens with kiosks to check into airlines and hotels, touch screen availability will increase rapidly.  Around 10% of shipped PC models this year will include touch screens.  Estimates indicate touch screen sales will increase to around $6 billion by 2013.

Digital drawing programs naturally lend themselves to a touch screen environment.  Corel Paint it! Touch is a new $40 program designed to take advantage of touch screens.

Users have become familiar with touch screens with Apple’s iPhone concept and will be looking forward to similar abilities as software vendors catch up with the new ability with Windows 7.

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