A+ Boot Camp Starts January 4th

[singlepic id=883 w=320 h=240 float=right]The CompTIA certification A+ is widely recognized as one of the important beginning certifications in the IT industry.  The certification focuses on all aspects of personal computers to understand all of the hardware components and their interaction, and then the operating system that makes a PC function.

The hardware components of hard drives, memory, mother board, writing devices, etc are all covered well in the course.   There are two exams for the A+ certification, one on hardware primarily and the other mostly on the software.   Both exams are taken during this course, one halfway through, and the other at the end of the course.   Both exams are taken onsite at the largest testing center in North America.

The A+ certification is the first of 3 CompTIA certifications which are taught consecutively:  A+/Network+/Security+.   Each of these certifications is well respected and has valuable knowledge to be gained with the certification.

The 6-day course includes roundtrip airfare, lodging during the course, all course materials, practice exams, both certification exams, breakfast and lunch, snacks and refreshments.

The 14-day A+/Network+/Security+ course includes all 4 certification exams taken onsite.

CompTIA A+ Boot Camp – January 4th to January 9th

CompTIA A+/Network+/Security+ Boot Camp – January 4th to January 17th

These courses qualify for the GI Bill for financing, and financing is available through Sallie Mae, one of the the largest provider of student loans in the country.

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