iPhone Apps for St Patrick’s Day

iphone4by Nicholas Kolakowski

  • Name: Yelp
    Cost: Free
    Find nearby pubs, restaurants and other significant spots with this app, which also offers up reviews.
  • Name: iBeer
    Cost: $0.99
    Does this app do anything productive? Absolutely not. Is being able to virtually “pour” a pint using your iPhone worth hours-or at least a few seconds-of amusement? Absolutely.
  • Name: St. Patty’s Pub Finder
    Cost: $1.99
    Provides reviews, rankings and addresses of more than 60,000 bars, liquor stores and other vital-on-St.-Patrick’s-Day locations.
  • Name: Taxi Magic
    Cost: Free
    This app lets you find and book a cab. Because you never know.
  • Name: Guinness Pub Finder
    Cost: Free
    Exactly what the name implies, this app draws on a database of over 20,000 pubs across the U.S. that serve Guinness.
  • Name: Google Earth
    Cost: Free
    For finding where in the world you are, the morning after St. Patrick’s Day.
  • Name: iClover
    Cost: $0.99
    Find the four-leaf clover in a field of three-leaf clovers.
  • Name: Pocket Cocktails
    Cost: $0.99
    This cocktail-recipe app features St. Patrick’s Day drink recipes.
  • Name: St. Patrick’s Day Songs
    Cost: Free
    This app uses the iPhone’s 3G or WiFi connection to stream St. Patrick’s Day songs to your device.
  • Name: Irish Slang Dictionary
    Cost: $0.99
    Fake like you’re Irish-or at least know the appropriate lingo-with this app.


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