Google vs Apple – 10 Battles to Watch

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  • Android vs. iPhone OS
    Although the iPhone is the leading smartphone in the mobile space, Google’s Android platform is putting some pressure on Apple. The software is well-built, features outstanding touch controls and is available on several phones from a variety of vendors. It’s also gaining market share at a rapid rate. Going forward, the battle between iPhone OS and Android could heat up. Depending on the quality of future Android-based devices and iPhones, users might have a tough choice to make when they head to stores.
  • Chrome OS vs. Mac OS X
    Google is preparing to release Chrome OS, its Web-based operating system, to compete with Windows and Mac OS X. Originally, Google plans to offer Chrome OS in netbooks. The plan might seem to target Microsoft, but consider the fact that Apple, aside from selling Mac OS X, now offers the iPad, which it’s trying to promote as an alternative to ultra-mobile devices, such as netbooks. For now, Apple has said that it isn’t worried about Chrome OS and it contends that it isn’t as big of a threat as some say. But that could be an understatement. If Chrome OS takes off, Apple will need to watch out.
  • Google Tablet vs. iPad
    Rumors are swirling that Google is planning to release a tablet to compete with Apple’s iPad. So far, Google hasn’t confirmed such a device is in the works, but at this point, it seems almost guaranteed. Google realizes how valuable the tablet market could be, both from a sales perspective and an advertising perspective. It also knows that it has the software-either Android OS or Chrome OS-o take on Apple’s iPad in the space. If a Google tablet is released, the battle between it and the iPad will be fun to watch. Will Google’s tablet steal the show? Will the iPad be too much for Google to handle? We’ll have to wait and see.
  • Google Ads vs. iAds
    If nothing else, Google has shown time and again that it knows how to turn a substantial profit through advertising. Evidently, Apple has realized that. The company recently announced that it will deliver iAds, a new advertising platform, to iPhone OS. According to Jobs, it will give advertisers the opportunity to do more with mobile advertising and potentially increase revenue. iAds is a shot over Google’s bow. If Apple is successful with iAds and it steals some market share from Google, an interesting battle should result.
  • Eric Schmidt vs. Steve Jobs
    One of the best sagas in the tech industry right now revolves around Jobs’ relationship with Schmidt. When Schmidt was on Apple’s board, the two CEOs were close. That relationship quickly disintegrated as their corporate interests got in the way. Recently, the two executives met for some coffee to discuss their differences, but I have an inkling that it isn’t over yet. With so many places where the two companies square off, Jobs likely views Schmidt more as an enemy than a friend.
  • Nexus One vs. iPhone
    If there is any device on the market that might scare Apple, it’s Google’s Nexus One. The search company’s smartphone might not be selling as well as the iPhone, but it boasts several features that make it an ideal alternative to the iPhone. Plus, it can be used on T-Mobile, is scheduled for Sprint and is unlocked, making it a more convenient option for those consumers who don’t want to be on AT&T’s network. For its part, Apple knows that it’s currently offering the best touch-screen device on the market. But that could quickly change if it has a misstep or Google delivers an upgraded Nexus One that sets the new standard in the marketplace. Going forward, look for a Nexus One-iPhone war to erupt.
  • Open Source vs. Closed Source
    Google has tied its future to open-source software. Apple, on the other hand, doesn’t believe that open source provides much value. Jobs prefers to control every facet of his software, so he can ensure that it operates at a level he’s comfortable with. That major philosophy difference between Apple and Google could come to define the two companies. And it will be up to consumers and enterprise customers to decide if open-source technology is better, thanks to the community’s wisdom, or if closed-source operating systems will take the day because of Apple’s know-how. It should be an interesting battle to watch.
  • HTC vs. Apple
    You might be wondering why HTC is included in the war between Google and Apple. It’s simple: Apple is currently embroiled in a major lawsuit with HTC that, if successful, could help it use the victory to significantly affect the way Google’s Android OS works. Although Apple is suing HTC for the way in which both its Android-based and Windows Mobile phones work, the focus of the lawsuit is on those Android devices. It includes the way the Android browser allows users to move around a Web page, the way in which users can access the phone’s main menu and more. If Apple can win its lawsuit against HTC, it can go after other Android vendors. And eventually, it might even be able to take its suit to Google itself.
  • Google Voice vs. Apple
    One of the main reasons why Google and Apple are squaring off today is Google Voice. The search giant’s program seemed like an ideal fit for the iPhone. Users would be able to send and receive calls through Google’s platform, rather than on the iPhone’s phone. But after waiting to hear back from Apple on the app’s fate, Google finally was told that Voice was rejected. From there, a battle ensued as Apple, AT&T and Google attempted to sort the mess out-with some intervention from the FCC. It was a messy circumstance that has yet to be resolved.
  • The Future Google vs. the Future Apple
    Apple and Google are at the top of their games right now. Both companies are enjoying huge profits. Their products are being used by millions around the globe. And the future looks bright. But what both companies have planned for the future is unknown. Google might opt to get into hardware, while Apple might try its luck online. In either case, one thing is certain: Apple and Google will be competing against each other in almost every market they’re in. And as time goes on, it should be rather interesting to see if the future Apple or the future Google will win out.

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