SharePoint Administrator, SharePoint Developer Courses in One Week

[singlepic id=900 w=320 h=240 float=right]CED Solutions has two courses coming up on SharePoint starting with SharePoint Administrator on June 7th and SharePoint Developer following.

The course includes roundtrip airfare, lodging, all course materials, practice exams, all certification exams, breakfast and lunch, snacks and refreshments.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 – Application Development

Candidates for this exam are consultants who provide consulting services for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and corporate developers who use Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.

Managing Enterprise Content
  • Enforce document storage business rules by using Document Policy.
  • Audit Windows SharePoint Services content by using a custom policy.
  • Manage records by using Office SharePoint Server 2007 record management features.
  • Create content by using the Office SharePoint Server 2007 Web content management features.
  • Deploy content between servers.
  • Provide variations of Web content.
  • Provision multiple sites in a hierarchy.
Creating Business Intelligence Solutions by Using Office SharePoint Server 2007
  • Display data from a Microsoft Excel workbook by using Excel Services.
  • Create a trusted workbook location by using the Stsadm.exe command-line tool.
  • Implement business logic by using an Excel Services user-defined function.
  • Filter data in a workbook by using Excel Services.
  • Provide parameters to a Report Viewer Web Part from a custom Web Part.
  • Expose a data source by adding a data connection to a Report Center Web Site.
  • Create a key performance indicator (KPI) Web Part by using data from a report data source.
Integrating Business Data with Office SharePoint Server 2007 by Using the Business Data Catalog (BDC)
  • Create a BDC Application Definition.
  • Describe an external application in the BDC Application Definition.
  • Display data from an external data source.
  • Enable indexing of data stored in an external data source.
  • Enable searching on a BDC Application Definition.
  • Create a custom action on an entity.
  • Create an association between two entities.
  • Create a Web Part to browse data.
Accessing Office SharePoint Server 2007 Application Platform Services
  • Process InfoPath data from within a workflow.
  • Display an InfoPath Form from within an ASP.NET page by using the Form Services control.
  • Automate Office Forms Server administration tasks.
  • Manage credentials by using the single sign-on (SSO) credential store.
  • Convert documents by using the document converter.
  • Display a user profile retrieved from an Office SharePoint Server 2007 Web service.
Searching Data by Using the Search Service
  • Programmatically enhance the search service.
  • Add a custom search page for searching the BDC.
  • Provide custom search capabilities by creating an enterprise search Web Part.
  • Customize the display of search results by modifying the Search Core Results XSLT.
  • Display results from a Windows SharePoint Services search Web service.
  • Display the results of a keyword query.
Targeting Content Based on Audience Membership
  • Create an audience.
  • Specify conditions for audience membership by using rules.
  • Target a list item to an audience.
  • Target a Web Part to an audience by using filters.
  • Display all audiences to which a user belongs.
  • Display all users in a given audience.
Customizing Functionality by Using Profiles
  • Import users into the user profile store from an LDAP store.
  • Create a profile in the user profile store.
  • Manipulate profile properties.
  • Display all colleagues for a given user.
  • Add a distribution list to a new membership.
  • Display results from the user profile change log.

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