5 Tech Tools To Keep You Safe at College or Home

[singlepic id=44 w=320 h=240 float=right]Summer is coming to an end.

And for most college-bound students that means you’re heading back to the dorms.

According to the most recent U.S crime statistics there were about 4700 robberies, 5000 aggravated assaults, 3300 forcible sex offences and 31 murders on college campuses in 2009.

So while students and parents pack up their caravans with X-long twin bedding and plastic storage boxes don’t forget to include these new high tech tools to keep you and your belongings safe and protected this semester.

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1 – Lock it Up

Dorm buildings are a perfect setting for socializing and getting to know your new dorm-mates, but unfortunately this often compels students to keep their doors open and unlocked.

You don’t have to be antisocial to keep your things safe; buying a great safe can give you the security you need.

The Diversion Book safe: At first glance, it looks like another book for class, but in fact, it’s really a safe with a lock. It’s small enough that it won’t take up too much space and disguised just right for a skillful crook to overlook.

The Hidden Closet safe: A safe that blends into your closet. It looks like a regular shirt you place on a hanger only this shirt zips down to unveil 9 pockets to hold anything from cash to expensive jewelry.

“The campus thief is looking for a quick hit and will first go to your desk and dresser. The key to making these devices work is to keep them your secret. Don’t tell anyone about them, not even your best friend,” Steve Kardian, a school safety and security expert, told FoxNews.com.

2 – Keep armed and undercover at all times

On college campuses nearly 20% of women will be victims of an attempted or actual sexual assault, as will about 6% of men. Though colleges across the country have improved their campus security, crime rates still remain high.

Carrying a personal protection device is a great way to keep you prepared at all times.

Pepper Spray-Perfume/Lipstick: This discreet pepper spray looks like a perfume or lipstick holder, but in reality it holds Oleoresin Capsicum, an ingredient that has been used for years as an effective self defense tool.

“This is a great concept,” Ken Wisnefski , tech expert and founder of Webimax told FoxNews.com. “Many women like to carry pepper spray around but usually have them dangling from their key chains. At least if a woman is being attacked they can pull out their lipstick and create the element of surprise.”

With any self defense device, it is still important to practice and be familiar with how it works and to keep it accessible.

3 – Don’t fall victim to identity theft

Safeguarding your personal and financial information is probably not the #1 thing on every college students mind. According to a Javelin Strategy & Research study young adults are less likely to monitor their bank accounts regularly and are the least likely to take advantage of monitoring programs offered by financial institutions.

Living in a dorm where other students or strangers can easily access your room leaves your computer and personal information exposed and unprotected.

The Prey Project App: With its powerful report system this free app keeps track of your laptop and helps recover it if stolen. It can even catch the thief in action by automatically snapping a picture through your webcam.

It will also remotely lock down your PC to prevent further access to your private files. “Guarding one’s personal information is critical, and this application is one way for tech-savvy college students to protect the info they have stored digitally on their laptops,” Patrick Fiel, a public safety advisor for ADT services, told FoxNews.com.

“The most fundamental lesson is to keep all your passwords private, diversified, and to change them often,” recommended Fiel.

4 – Personal Safety System via a Smartphone

Walking alone across campus or to your car in an empty lot leaves any student vulnerable to an attacker.

MyForce: A personal security service on your smartphone.

This app keeps your screen from timing out so with one touch you can send an alert out to a live security monitoring team. Once alerted, MyForce supplies emergency response units with the student’s exact location, physical description and any medical conditions they may have.

“This is a great idea, allowing people with one touch of a button, to call for help and have authorities track their location immediately. All families and campuses should review and consider this service,” Alison Rhodes, CEO of Safety Mom told FoxNews.com

MyForce also automatically starts an audio recording of the incident so the monitoring team can confirm the incident and report any additional details coming from the recording.

5 – Multi-purpose activation alarms

To get ahead in school you must multi-task. You juggle your school work and social life to get the most out of your college experience.

Keeping yourself safe at school requires the same strategy.

Multi-function Keychain Alarm: This personal alarm can be carried in your hand or attached to a laptop or backpack.

Pumped with a 120 Decibel alarm that activates when the metal trigger pin is pulled, the extreme blast of sound will send any attacker or invader running.

Additionally, it comes with tweezers you can place into your dorm room door or window to detect an intruder. When the contacts separate, the alarm sounds off.

“I like the door stop alarms they prevent intruder entries through inward opening doors. They will startle and scare off intruders and wake you to take action,” David Nance, a personal safety expert told FoxNews.com.


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