Armed Forces

Letter from Student In Our Last Class (A Veteran Also)

To: CED Solutions


Armed ForcesI wanted to send you and your staff a HUGE thank you for your hospitality along with the instructors knowledge of the Microsoft Triple cert experience.  I have to tell you my story and feel free to pass it along with other…Please keep my name reserved.

I started my journey in mid July of 2011 looking for a job in the IT field with experience in the messaging and the mobile world without any certifications.  My family and I decided it was time for me to pursue the triple certification in Windows7 and Windows Server 2008, which was a huge chunk of our savings.  I traveled to Atlanta, leaving my twin boys and little girl with my wife who was working full time as well.  As I arrived the first day at CED you were the first one to greet us as we, certified wanta be’s, entered a state of uncertainty.  After the first day, with the rally at the beginning, all the meals you provided and the ability to interact with the CED staff I felt comfortable and confident that I would receive my triple cert MCITP in Enterprise Desktop, Server 2008 and Enterprise Administration before I left.  After the first night of studying most of the evening and passing my first test I was pumped.  In the meantime, my wife and kids were back home with my wife worried about me not finding a job and using all our saving before going bankrupted before I found a job.  As I approached the 6th test and passing the last 5 I kept up my confidence up and passed the 6th test with one more to go.  During the past 12 days at CED I was speaking to DOD personnel about job opportunities and helping me out with researching job options from their companies and really making me feel good about the job search while at CED.  I left not passing my last test and made it home safely, where the following Friday passing my last test and “on cloud nine”.  The following Wednesday I had a job with a local company in Des Moines, IA supporting SCCM all because of the effort I put forth and the incredible instructors that CED provided.  We are getting back on our feet now and my family is happy once again.  I wanted to also let you know that you and your administrative staff did a great job of taking care of us during the transition between the two instructors, when our primary instructor became ill and who later joined us during the last couple of days and the substitute instructor joined us via webcast and in person the following day.  It was an awesome experience and the level of respect I currently receive because of the MCITP certified status in the business world is really a great feeling and knowing that CED is a reliable company that made all this happen for us is icing on the cake.  I recommend CED as the best training solution for the money.

Thank you,

P.S. Thank you so much for identifying the Veterans.  I proudly served in the Gulf War.

CED Solutions is honored to offer training for the Armed Forces of the United States and is proud to provide reduced-cost training to military service members.

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