Over 1MM IT Security Jobs Available – What Does It Take To Get One – Part 2

Over 1MM IT Security jobs are available to those having the skill sets to do them.  After gaining the knowledge that is offered in the A+/Network+/Security+ courses to include understanding all of the components of PCs, how the components interact with each other and the Operating System, understanding Network communications with DNS, SubNetting, Packets, and understanding all of the basic tenants of Security for IT, you are ready to move on to vendor specific solutions to networking.

By far the most installed Networks involve Windows Desktops and Servers from Microsoft.  Millions of these networks allow businesses to share organizational information, access online information, share devices and abilities among workers.  Specific knowledge of how to implement, manage, and maintain Windows desktops and servers is essential to provide a secure environment.  Many IT pros have been in IT for decades but have not had the training necessary to implement current systems.  Many learn on-the-job-training from others and use shortcuts and improper procedures, providing less security and productivity for the organization.  These courses provide the knowledge to correctly install and maintain Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Windows Desktop and DHCP Server Security Configurations

Guy Struggles Laptop 2Workers typically use a Windows Desktop Operating System such as Windows 7, 8, or now the new Windows 10.  The Network Administrator position will plan, install, configure disks, partitions, volumes, and disk drivers on the computer.  Network connectivity will be configured including implementing secure network connections.

Tools, technologies, devices, applications are added and configured.   Mobile computer settings, remote access, and virtual machine configurations will be done.

A strategy to implement Network Security is effected to use User policies, anti-virus software, encrypted network traffic and other protective measures.

Windows firewall must be configured properly to secure network traffic.  Windows Defender can be configured as an anti-virus protection or other vendor solutions may be used.

Securing Windows Desktops include Authentication and Authorization, Implementing Group Policy Objects, Security Data with EFS and BitLocker, and Configuring User Account Control.

The course that provide the knowledge to implement, manage and maintain Windows 2012 Server is the 2-week MCSA/MCSE: Windows 2012 Server.  Group policy processing includes implementing a central store for administrative templates.  A Windows Security overview includes configuring security settings, restricting software, and configuring Windows Firewall with Advanced Security.

Implementing Network Access Protection (NAP) includes conducting an overview assessment, configuring NAP, and monitoring and troubleshooting NAP.

Implementing AD CS includes Public Key Infrastructure, deploying Certification Authorities, deploying and managing Certificate templates, implementing Certificate Distribution and Revocation, and managing Certificate Recovery.

Implementing AD RMS includes Active Directory Rights Management Overview, deploying and managing an AD RMS Infrastructure, configuring AD RMS Content Protection, and configuring External Access to AD RMS.

Planning and implementing Application Updates include deploying updates with WSUS, deploying Application Updates by using Configuration Manager 2012, and Implementing Application Security.

The knowledge of how to correctly implement, manage, and maintain the operating and security concerns for Desktops and Servers is a very important piece of understanding the vulnerability of Networks.  This knowledge is an essential part of the overall Security Plan for the organization.

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