As Windows 2003 Server Nears End of Life – Plan The Upgrade to Windows 2012 Server – Part 4

WindowsServer2012LogoThere are many steps to upgrade from Windows 2003 Server as it nears end of life.  The Microsoft upgrade course to Windows 2012 Server is designed to give you a better understanding on how to accomplish this task.


The final step in the migration of your Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) server role is to verify that the migration was performed correctly and if the clients can obtain updates from the new WSUS server.

Perform the following procedure on the new WSUS destination server to verify that it is configured properly and functioning correctly before you point the WSUS clients and any downstream servers to the new WSUS server.

  1. In Server Manager, click Tools, and then click Windows Server Update Services.
  2. In the WSUS Administration Console, expand Computers, and verify that all the Computer Groups that existed on the source server are displayed.
  3. Expand Synchronizations. In the Actions pane, click Synchronize now. After the synchronization is complete, (this may take several minutes), confirm that Succeeded is displayed in the Results column.

If the synchronization fails, click Options. Confirm that the Update Source and Proxy Server settings and password are correct. Confirm that the firewall access is configured correctly for the new server’s environment. Make the necessary changes, and then run the synchronization again.

Select a client computer so that you can force a detection to verify that the client and server communication is functioning correctly. Use the ollowing procedure to perform this verification:

  1. Open a command prompt and type wuauclt.exe /detectnow to force the detection.
  2. After the detection is finished, open Windows Explorer and check the %WinDir%\WindowsUpdate.log to verify that the forced detection was successful.

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