.NET Enterprise Architecture Boot Camp – Real-World Hands-On

Training student with laptopThis intense course covers the entire process of building an ASP.Net application. From database design to enhancing the user interface with JQuery and AJAX, attendees are guided through a 100% live, hands on experience. IT is highly recommended to have extended hours (8 hours of actual class time/day)

There is no other course like this and this is not traditional training. The course is designed to use a great number of well proven methods to cover a great amount of material in 5 days with extremely high retention. Some of these methods include Spaced Repetition and Immersion. All attendees will be able to (and tested on their ability to) add features to an end-to-end enterprise architecture from designing their own tables, creating their own stored procedures, adding their own utility layer including a custom data layer, business layer, presentation layer while also covering a great deal of other topics including connecting applications with WCF Services, ASP.Net Web Application Development, Windows Forms Development, Security, OOP, The C# language, Service Oriented Architecture and much more.

Instead of listening to a lecture followed by a lab that you do yourself, the entire class is live-by-fire hands on continuous exercise that guarantees you will learn how to build applications from start to finish. All classes by default are Web Development but more focus can be shifted to Windows as desired for private events.

Who Should Attend:

This course is designed for serious developers that are already programmers and wish to learn end to end architecture using Visual Studio.Net 2010/2012 with SQL 2008R2/2012.

This course is too intense for people that do not know what a database is or what a variable is but a basic understanding of object oriented programming is all you would need to learn the innovative architecture that allows for the creation applications in a fraction of the time that most companies realize with ORM or their own home-grown solutions. Attendees will be given a skills assessment prior to class and some attendees that sign up for class may be asked to take an introduction to C# or VB.Net prior to class.

This class can be offered in C# or VB.Net but not simultaneously. Entire teams of developers can reserve a private class in which their specific concerns can be addressed dynamically and incorporated into the project architecture.

At Course Completion:

You will be tested with a live exercise prior to leaving class to prove the ability to build an end to end application using either C# or VB.Net in Visual Studio 2010.

Prerequisite(s) or equivalent knowledge:

Attendees must have the following knowledge:

Knowledge of what a database is must exist prior to class but database design and normalization are not requirements

Preferably a bit of SQL would be desirable but not required. Attendees may want to read a one page overview on the T-SQL Structured Query Language prior to class.

Knowledge of programming in any language is required. If you don’t know what a variable is then you must take an introduction to C# programming prior to class. By default all classes are in C# but private events can be given in VB.Net if desired.

The ability to be immersed in class. If you need to be on call during class or cannot attend certain hours of class you cannot attend as we all progress together in live exercises. It will not be possible to attend to emails except on breaks.

A strong desire to learn and have fun doing it.


This is not a traditional class so a text book is not followed from one module to another. Instead, topics are blended together to flow through the creation of an end to end enterprise architecture solution. Topics are covered with spaced repetition while gradually building upon knowledge and constantly adding new technologies. The Lessons listed here are to suffice as a minimal “contract of content” for the course and represent only a fraction of actual course topics employed. They in no way represent a chronological map of the course.

.NET Enterprise Architecture Boot Camp – Real-World Hands-On Course June 16 to June 20 – Limited Seating

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